Finca Margarita is a beautiful & secluded family-run Guesthouse & Retreat, offering rustic yet luxurious accommodation within the stunning landscape of the Vall de Laguar.  We are situated around 720 m. above sea-level just outside the village of Benimaurell, the last town of the Vall de Laguar. The house is entirely off-grid, powered by solar panels, with a large rain-fed water deposit. The main house remains cool in the Summer, due to it’s thick stone walls, and is heated in winter with wood-burners and a wood-fired central heating system. We strive to live the “eco” lifestyle, causing as little damage to our beautiful environment as possible. 

During your stay at Finca Margarita, you are free to explore, roam and play in our 5 acres of gardens, orchards & oak/pine forest. In our remote and quiet plot, you can enjoy peace and tranquility, surrounded by the spectacular mountain scenery of the Vall de Laguar and views of the mediteranean sea. We try to grow as much food in our gardens as possible, which we serve to guests as delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. In our raised beds we try to grow a wide variety of salads and vegetables, whilst in our traditionally terraced orchards you can walk amongst trees growing cherries, almonds, figs, grapes, mangoes, apples, pears, pomegranates, nisperos, avocados and olives.

Whilst feeling incredibly remote and peaceful, Finca Margarita is still close enough to drive (40 minutes approximately) to the lovely sandy beaches and rocky coastline for amazing swimming and snorkelling. There is also a wide range of gorgeous national hiking trails that connect straight to our property, one of which leads to a fabulous restaurant on the top of the hill, the Venta del Collao. Our nearest towns, a few km away, remain small and very traditional, the area mainly being used to grow cherries, almonds and olives.


The finca was lovingly restored from an ancient stone ruin in 2002, by Musician & Artist, Charly and Marga Hör.  It was run for a number of years as a rural guesthouse for walkers and those looking for an escape to the country. For more information, please see Marga and Charly’s old website for the Finca.


Finca Margarita in 2001


Finca Margarita in 2012

The Future

Marcus Nat Ru on Cavall Verd.jpg

Natalie and Marcus bought Finca Margarita on 9th July 2015. Since then, we have undertaken many renovations, including the installation of solar panels and an effective solar water heating system to re-mold the Finca into a self-sufficient, off-grid, Eco-house. We have also created a beautiful outdoor kitchen area, complete with BBQ and a traditional Clay Oven for cooking our wood-fired stone-baked pizzas & deliciously smoky “patatas bravas”! Other renovations include the transformation of the Yoga Studio (previously a Donkey Barn!), with dimmable lighting for an atmosphere of relaxation for evening Yoga Sessions & traditional, natural clay or earthen floor. You can check out the photos here in the Gallery section.

We ran our first Yoga Retreat with Mina Leslie Wujastyk at the end of May 2016, and hope to continue running yoga retreats, as well as climbing, cycling, hiking, photography and writing holidays into the foreseeable future. If you would like to come on a retreat, or if you are a yoga teacher looking to run a retreat, we would love to hear from you!

Nat Marcus Ru


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