Rock Climbing

For information on the many quality Rock Climbing Crags close to Finca Margarita, check out the “Xalo Valley” area on UKClimbing: . Our closest crags are Murla, Alcalali, Castell de Castells, Lliber/Pena Roja and L’Ocaive.


Best time to visit for climbing?

The best season for sport climbing runs from late September to May. During this time the air temperature is usually ideal and rainfall is not as a rule a problem. There are many crags in the sun or shade to choose from.

Flights to & car hire on the Costa Blanca?

The main airport for the Costa Blanca is Alicante. Alicante Is easily reached from many UK airports including – London’s 3 main airports, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Exeter, Bristol and Bournemouth, The best fares are offered by Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2, BA, Thomas Cook, Thompson Flights and Iberia. Also it is worth checking out the search facility at . Flights from the UK usually cost from £30 to £150 return between October and May. Car hire is extremely cheap at around £60 to £100 per week.

Reviews and Write-Ups?

“No other winter rock climbing destination in Europe offers the combination of reliable weather in conjunction with the diversity of climbing on offer.” Mark Glaister

Check out the rest of Mark Glaister’s glowing review of Costa Blanca as a Climbing destination here: