About the Finca:

“Finca Margarita is a relaxing oasis of calm and tranquility. The location and your home surpassed all my expectations – a truly beautiful place to spend time.”

“My trip to Finca Margarita was just what I needed. I practiced yoga which was chilled, focused and motivating, I climbed hard with some amazing and strong ladies (and Marcus), I ate delicious wholesome food, laughed all day and night, had interesting chats with great people and came away feeling Finca Margartia was a second home. I was surrounded by people who were inspiring and fun and feel really lucky to have made such great friends and have had such a wonderful holiday in your beautiful home in the rural mountains in Costa Blanca. Gracies Nat & Marcus!”

“Finca Margarita is situated high in the rural Spanish mountains. It is spectacular. You wind your way up the mountain with epic 360 views and travel down the wee lane to the gorgeous brick traditional house. The house itself is beautiful and spacious, clean and comfortable and a lovely place to spend time and relax. I was amazed at how cool the house was, when outside was 31’C. It was a welcome relief to spend time in the cool in the afternoon.”

“The rooms are comfortable and cool, which is what you need in June in Spain!”

“Comfortable bed, good shower, stunning location, beautiful house, so peaceful.”

About the Activities:

“Finca was ideal for me as I was able to combine all the things I love doing with like-minded people. There was always flexibility, and alternatives if you did not want to join in the activity on offer. I enjoyed climbing days during the retreat as well as the beach day, which was a fun way to relax and play with yoga inversions on the beach. The rest day with the massage was a welcome change from the busy pace of the past few days of full on yoga and climbing!”

“The sport climbing and local bouldering is amazing. Accessible and quality rock. There are climbs to suit all abilities and climbing with Natalie and Marcus was brilliant. They’re very good at making you feel like a rock star! They are very experienced and psyched so you feel instantly comfortable! The beach day and relaxation day were welcome alternatives to the otherwise busy but fun and exciting schedule.” 

There is so much to do within a short distance of Finca Margarita. The white sandy beach is around an hour drive, and there are a host of incredible climbing crags within 30 minutes’ drive. There a supermarkets and shops close by, and you are only around 2 hours away from Alicante airport (all on good motorway). The location is ideal for a relaxing short stay, or to use as your base during a longer trip.”

About the Hosts:

“As soon as I arrived at Finca Margarita Marcus gave me a huge handshake with a smile and Natalie gave me a huge warm hug, they had both waited up until after midnight to welcome us to their home…Instantly you feel welcome and an old friend. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship, care and attention to detail whilst I was with you at Finca Margartia. You have nailed the balance of attentive hosts and providing a comfortable, friendly and fun environment to have a holiday. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much and so effectively solved the world’s problems over dinner!”

“The people, the location & the weather made for a great vibe, felt very relaxed and comfortable!”

About the Yoga:

“The yoga space is inspiring, invigorating and relaxing. The clay floor is cool and grounding. The view is incredible and the breeze brings in the fresh mountain air and sound of the birds. It is such a wonderful place to spend time and practice yoga. There are no urban sounds, just the birds! It is far enough away from the house that you feel in your own wee world.”

“The Yoga Space is stunning. A special experience to look out at those views while practicing yoga.”

About the Food:

“The food was varied, delicious and we ate Mediterranean pasta with olives and roasted veg to amazing curries. I eat mostly vegetarian food and the types of meals Nat and Marcus prepared was very similar to how I cook at home. Whilst it was vegan, there was bread, soya yogurt and milk (which doesn’t taste any different) and there were some fun alternatives like the delicious veggie burgers and range of tofu meals.”